Tips For International Students To Study In The US

Along with the American students, bright students from all over the globe aspire to attend the prestigious institutions of the United States. The US belongs to those countries opening immense opportunities to the career aspirants globally.

Students, whose first language is not English has to opt for TOEFL along with clearing the GRE to pursue higher studies in the country. Here, in this article, we’ll be sharing tips to international students looking ahead for enrolling themselves in the Ivy leagues and other prestigious institutions in the United States—

GRE is the stepping stone to study abroad in USA:

The pattern of GRE exam is:

GRE consists of six major sections. The total time restraint of Graduate Record Examination is 3 hours 45 minutes.

  • Quantitative Section: This section comprises of 20 questions and 35 minutes time is provided. The questions include 8 quantitative, 9 problem solving, comparisons and 3 data interpretation problems. All the questions are multiple choices.
  • Analytical Writing Section: This section of GRE analysis includes one issue task and one argument task. Here, the essay writing method will not contain a spell manager or grammar checker.

  • Verbal Section: The questions include 6 text completions, 4 sentence equivalence along with 10 critical reading questions.
  • Argument task: This is a 30 minutes test in which the candidates will have to write a critical analysis of a set argument. The write would have to be argumentative.
  • Issue task: 30 minutes of time is allotted to the examinees to finish this essay writing paper.
  • Experimental Section: The questions are based on verbal/ Quantitative and Analytical writing avenues. This paper is only in the computer based GRE exam.

Structure of TOEFL Test is:

  • Reading: Here in this section, there are three to four passages (700 words) given. Each passage contains 14 questions. Time allotted to this section is 60-80 minutes.

  • Listening: Approximately 6-9 passages are given in this section. 5 to 6 questions will have to be answered by the candidate. The total timing of this segment of Listening program is 60- 90 minutes.
  • Speaking: Following a 10 minutes break the speaking test is taken which is of 20 minutes. Here the candidates will have to do 6 tasks and 6 questions.
  • Writing: The Writing paper consists of 50 minutes. In this segment the students will be given 2 tasks and 2 questions.

Provision of establishments and Funds

There are licensed career companies that take the responsibility of sending students to the US institutes along with helping them in arranging the journey to where will they stay. Some of them also help them in getting a job as well as funds for migrating to the US for studying.

Besides, the scholarships, students can apply for the education loan to the federal government as well as the private banks and lenders. One of the top FAQs is should I consolidate my student loans? As a matter of fact, consolidating numerous loans reduces the burden of paying the high-interests. It is the merging of all the federal or the private loans into one loan and students are given the chance to pay for all the loans at a time. Along with the natives, international students may also look forward to this option to get rid of the heavy monthly burden of paying heavy debts.