Stubborn Children – How to Win Them Over

Stubborn children? It is not really something to be surprised about. In fact, you will be more surprised if all of your pupils are kind of meek and constantly obedient. You might even wish that for once, they will also be livelier and stubborn. However, if your pupils are overly stubborn, then this is also quite stressful. Especially these days where time seems to be not enough to do all the things we need to do, having an overly stubborn pupil is really burdensome. You wish that there are also times they will understand you and just behave and be quiet especially that there is a whole class of them you need to deal with.


If you have been constantly stressed because of your stubborn pupils, then these tips below might come in handy:

  • Don’t argue right away with the stubborn child. Another term for a stubborn child is strong-willed. It means that the child will really insist doing what he wants and arguing with him is not the best option. You see, communication is a two-way process. If you will listen to him and address his complaints, then he might also do the same thing to you. Approach him in a practical way and not a head-on.


  • Try to connect with the problematic child and not just go against with anything he wants. Yes, their wants might not be good for them at times but if you will try to show interest and little by little, you will explain to him why he must not do that again, he should understand you and give in. However, if you will forcefully oppose and stop him from doing what he wants, he might give in but in a bad mood. He might even throw you a dagger look!
  • You can also present a number of options like you can tell him that there will be times when can do what he wants as long as it is not the time for lessons. Explain to him as well why he needs to listen and learn his lessons. You see, every child has a mind of his own. He is teachable thus it is up to you as the educator to get through him.
  • Be calm. Yes, always consider that the child will also feel embarrassed if you will yell at him while others are listening. Besides, yelling can’t really get you nowhere with the child but it might end you up explaining to the parents. Instead, you can try soothing him like tell him to behave like the others in a very soothing manner. For sure the child will start to realize if after sometime, you are still patient with him.


There is no denying that being an early childhood educator is quite challenging. However, it will also generate that good feeling like you have done something good to the society. Are you looking for any childcare jobs? You should be able to find a handful of opportunities online!