Smart Ways to Deal With Stress Before JEE Mains

Joint Entrance Examination is your first step towards getting admissions in top engineering colleges. You have studied hard for many months, have spent hours slogging on problems and have probably given up on a lot of things that you enjoyed. With the exam in few days, what can you do now? Here are the best tips you need.

Be calm

Exam stress can be really damaging. Now, with just few days for the exam, you cannot learn new things or mug up more concepts. Whatever you have learned is the best you could have done. Instead of trying to learn more, spend some time in enjoying life. Go for a walk or spend time with the family – Basically, you need to do things that don’t stress the mind and body. Aim at getting at least 7 hours of sleep each day. Check the dates for JEE main 2017 application form too.

Take mock tests

You can always take mock test to brush your skills. This is the best way to spend days before an examination. You can take up as many tests as you want, and there are many apps and websites, where you can take random questions and problems from mathematics, physics and chemistry. Online learning is easy and you don’t need to rely on too many books, which is quite handy. This will also help you in accessing the strengths and weaknesses with ease.

Dealing with competition

Thinking of the competition and number of students taking JEE mains can be scaring. Don’t think if you can make it, but consider estimating your preparation. The level of paper is same for everyone, and it all depends on what you have learned over the months. Try to maximize your performance in line with what you have learned. Do not try to compete with others – Be your own competition.

Missing a few things

It is impossible to learn everything. If you haven’t learned a few things or have missed some concepts, don’t learn new things now. You may feel that your friends know more than what you have learned, but that’s okay. Talent is surely important and one can be great at learning, but how all these elements reflect in performance is an individual thing. Don’t let the exam-scare get to your mind. What you should be more concerned about is the way you manage your time with all the questions.

Relax and be calm!