Seven Smart Tips on Making an Acceptable Best Job Offer

You have found the right candidate for your job opening. You think she is the best person for the job. So you don’t want to take a chance to lose her. With the many Singapore MNC job opportunities available, you don’t want to hire the second best candidate or have to start over. To ensure a successful job offer follow the following tips.

Move fast

There is no point waiting if you have made a decision. When it comes to recruiting time is ayour enemy. Know that even in a down economy it is rare to find an exceptional talent.

If possible call the chosen candidate later the same day of his final interview. Or contact him within a day or two. Apart from easing the stress of the candidate during the post interview waiting period you also try to show your excitement of having him as part of your team.

Always Call

A number of companies send letters or emails. Do not do this. Rather make a phone call. Aside from conveying your excitement, you can also Gauge the candidate’s level of enthusiasm.

Be Enthusiastic

Try to be both professional and tell him he is your first choice out of the many resumes. Try to explain how impressed you are with her skills and background. There is no problem playing your cards close to your vest when you are doing the interview and picking candidates. However, after a make a decision, drop your reserve. Just know that conveying your excitement does not impact the salary negotiation process. Keep in mind that employer-employee relationship starts with a job offer. Focus on making this moment memorable for the candidate.


Consider applying the 10% rule

In general candidates expect at least 10% of pay increase as they change jobs. Not many candidates will change jobs for lower salary or the same salary. And when they do, they tend to feel some level of resentment whenever they get their paycheck.

Avoid offering a salary below his current salary unless you have objective or concrete reasons to do so.

Show How Much He Could Earn

Spend time explaining the pay and benefits as accurately and thoroughly as possible. Inform the candidate of the base salary and how a bonus plan can work and then give a thorough overview of other benefits like health. Do not forget to describe other perks. Do not make him feel he was a victim of a salary switch or bait. Also do not make perk or bonus promises that you cannot keep.


Have A Commitment

Most candidates are expected to ask for time to think about an offer. This is normal; however, this does not mean that you cannot ask questions. Any hesitation can make him feel he wants to turn you down so try to ask questions without being pushy. Also try to see if it is possible for you to overcome any objections or offer extra information which makes him more likely to accept your offer.


Follow Up In Writing

Send everything in a letter or email. Include all of the offer’s elements including job title, the base salary, holidays, vacation, perks and benefits. Also set a deadline typically three days.