10 Online Tools for Business Leaders in Human Resources

Business leaders in human resources are faced with numerous problems in this market. They have to handle everyday issues and those larger issues that affect the business. It is imperative that they are using the right tools in order to get their jobs completed with speed and consistency. We have combined some great online tools that could be of use to those in the human resources field.


This is a software that can be downloaded online and used with your PC. It has several aspects that it offers, including:

  • Manage HR payroll
  • Benefits for employees
  • Provides a space for complaints to be modified


This is a software that is used by human resource leaders as a way to teach others. It allows you to design a course quickly and then let employees go through these courses. With this, you no longer have to search for a course that would be sufficient, you can provide the right course for the problem that you are facing.


This is a mobile platform that can be used with Android or iOS. This is meant to connect all your employees at once. For those who are leading their human resource department, for all workers to see cases and what is happening, then this is the mobile platform to have.


This is a tool that can be used on PC’s as well as other mobile devices. They provide a full range of programs that are meant to help you work smarter, not harder. Among those things that are helped are human resources management.


This is a web based tool that puts all human resources needs and jobs in one spot. A person can manage time clocks, requests, document storage, have an employee portal and several other features.

Business Leaders

Zoho Recruit

This is an app that allows a leader to track those recruits that they are considering for a position. This can make the selection process much quicker as you have all the information right at your fingertips.

The Resumator

This is a website that allows you to put out your needs into the job force, while also tracking resumes that are posted onto the site. It is very similar to several other job hiring platforms on the market.


This is an app that works with social media in order to promote positions that human resource leaders may need to hire for. It works hand in hand with your social media which can help to reach a wider range of applicants.

HR Locker

This is a website that allows you to have a complete human resource management system in place for business. For those who are going at this field on their own, then they are going to find that this system could help to narrow down what needs to be done and what has been done.

Colleagues Bank

This is a human resource for businesses in which contact information, work history and the like can all be stored. It is then sorted so that you can see all the information of those who work for your business. It also helps to sort documents and put employees in a format that is easily searched.

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